Trailer of movie “Nanimono” starring Takeru Sato and Kasumi Arimura


“Nanimoto” is adapted from the same-name work by Ryo Asai who receives the Naoki award (Shinchobunko). The movie is about 5 university students in the sought for jobs and recognize who they are.

Sato plays Takuto – the main character who patiently analyzes everything; Masaki Suda plays naive Kamiya Kotaro (roommate of Takuto), Arimura plays Mizuki who is an obedient girl and constantly maintains the love with Takuto; Fumi Nikaido plays Rika – an intelligent girl who accidentally lives on the floor above the room of Takuto; Masaki Okada plays Takayoshi who is an illusory man living together with Rika; and Takayuki Yamada who plays senior Sawa – a philosophical man and senior of Takuto.