Trailer of movie 「Sekigahara」


Trailer of the movie “Sekigahara” (Director: Masato Harada, premiered on August 26th) starred by Junichi Okada of the popular group “V6” was released on May 4th. The movie is adapted from a historical novel by author Ryotaro Shiba.

The movie sets in the biggest war in the history of the Warring States Period – the war “Sekigahara” happened on October 21st, 1600. The movie portrays the image of Lord Mitsunari Ishida – who arose thanks to Toyotomi (Okada) family, Ieyasu Tokugawa (Yakusho) – a shogun who was burning with the ambition to dominate the galaxy and other characters. The movie is about the true cause of “being sealed”, which made Mitsunari – who was assessed to overwhelm – be defeated by Ieyasu. Besides, the movie also recreates the silent love of him with spy girl Hatsume who betted her life to save Mitsunari.