Exclusive image of “Lu Over the Wall” released


The official video of the theater version of the animation “Lu Over the Wall” of director Masaaki Yuasa – who is well-known with the TV animation series “The Tatami Galaxy” or “Ping Pong THE ANIMATION”, was exclusively released at the site「MAiDiGiTV」on the Youtube channel on the 16th.

In the video, there are a scene where the boy Kai and mermaid Lu play happily on the swing at night or a scene where Kai and Lu talk about their family, or a scene where Lu screams out: “I like you”, etc.

“Lu Over the Wall” is the first theater version of an animation which is completely undertaken by director Masaaki Yuasa.

The animation depicts a story about a high-school boy named Kai who lives in Hinashi – a wild fishing village and meets mermaid Lu. They often meet and talk with each other and gradually open their hearts.