Voice actors and actresses sing and dance in stage version of “animal Friends”


The stage version of “animal friend” was kicked off on June 14 at the Shinagawa prince hotel club eX (in Minato, Tokyo).
The voice actors and actresses Yuka Ozaki (plays Serle), Kana Motomiya (plays Feneck), Saki Ono (plays Araigma) danced and sang “dottan battan” on stage.
The stage version based on original manga, anime and game musical is a combination of 2D (manga), 3D (drama), called 2,5D, the stage version is unique with the appearance of the voice actors and actresses.
The script of stage version is attractive with high reproduction. Actress Hiroki Murakami who is in charge of screenplay and stage directing said, “The characters are the same as in the manga, and the actors try their best to show the role.”