Tao Tsuchiya kicks, screams and flaps Shotaro Mamiya’s butt. Trailer of movie「Torigirl」released


The movie is adapted from the same-name novel by writer Ko Nakamura – an entertainment work for the youth which adapts the club “human flight” as the theme.

The movie revolves Yukina, after failing once, was admitted into a University of Natural Sciences, she was invited to participate in a club by the handsome senior Takahashi Keo (Mahiro Takasugi) – to whom she fell in love and then she participated in the club “human flight” targeting to the contest “Tori Ningen”. However, she was paired with Sakaba, whom she does not like. The summer that she wants to stay with the one whom she desires becomes the summer with the one she really hates.

The trailer consists of the scene where “viperish-tongued” female student Yukina Toriyama (Tsuchiya) practiced bicycle riding to participate in the contest “Tori Ningen”, or the scene where Yukina and brave senior Sakaba Taishi (Shotaro Mamiya) were on the human flight, or the scene where she sit behind and flapped senior Sakaba’s butt.