Masaki Suda, prostrate before Elizabeth! Movie “Gintama” spot video released.


Spot video of the “Gintama (Gin Tama)” live-action film adapted from Hideaki Sorachi’s popular manga (directed by Yutaka Fukuda, released on 14), starring actor Shun Oguri , was released on July 7th.

In the movie, some scenes such as scene in which Elizabeth visited the all-round shop, and was said by Gintoki ” When it comes to live action, real feeling of wearing cartoon-character costume will appear”, scene in which a guy with a placard drawing the context of searching Tsujigiri together with Shinpachi, pointing the sword towards Shinpachi who stood behind him and said ” the guy behind, you die!” will be displayed.

In addition, the scene in which Shinpachi sees the “mystery light” in the Elizabeth’s mouth, and kneels down on the ground “I am sorry!”.