Trailer with narration of movie “Before We Vanish”


The trailer of movie “Before We Vanish” (directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, released on September 9th) starring actress Masami Nagasawa, was announced on July 28.

In the trailer, the narration by Nagasawa which is catch copy of this movie “the world may be destroyed. But even so, I still want to live with you.” is talked.

Also on that day, the announcement that this movie will be screened at the international film festival Sitges & Catalonia as a special guest film, was also be made public.

The film “Before We Vanish” was adapted from the popular play by dramatist Tomohiro Maekawa

The content is: Shinji (Ryuhei Matsuda) – husband of the main character’s Narumi Kase (Nagasawa) returns home after a few day missing by “invader”, and becomes a different person.