“Oni-chan” Masaki Suda enthusiastically sings the song “Mita koto mo nai keshiki”


New product “Toki wo Koeru koe” in the popular series “Santaro” CM of au, was released on August 10th.

In the CM, there is the scene in which “Oni-chan” (played by Masaki Suda) enthusiastically sings the CM song “Mita koto mo nai keshiki”

“Toki wo Koeru koe” is a CM made for the purpose of supporting the Japanese soccer team. While Oni-chan was walking, and singing to himself “How can you run that much?”, he met the kids playing football. When the ball rolled to the his foot, he threw his wooden clogs and kicked the ball very strong.

Thanks to Oni-chan’s kick, the soccer match of the kids has become more dramatic. The singing voice of Oni-chan also seemed louder like cheering to the kids.

And then the scene moved to the soccer stadium with the battle of the Japanese football players ..as if it synchronizes with the song lyrics of Oni-chan who is enthusiastically singing at the middle of the stadium