Angaruzu Tanaka publicizes image of the Death Ryuku


Takushi Tanaka of the comedy duo “Angāruzu” appeared at theJapan Premium of the original movie “Death Note” belonging to the video distribution service “Netflix” in cosplays of important characters of the movie- Kira and the Dealth Ryuku.

The movie is the live-action produced by Hollywood from the favorite manga “Death Note”.

Tanaka did PR for the movie to director Adam Wingard: “Let’s watch the original! It is good, isn’t it” and appealed “Please participate in the next work!”

However, director Wingard misled by saying“Your tights are so sexy”, which made Tanaka disappointed. This event was also attended by Nat Wolff – who plays the main character Light Turner, Margaret Qualley – who plays Mia Sutton, Keith Stanfield – who plays L, Masi Oka – who serves as the producer. The idol group “Babyraids Japan” – a big fan of the original storyalso promptly came for applauding.