Rina Kawaei, definitely captured the man? Proud to perform the “magic” show


On September 13th , the new work “Kanarazu no Orihime” from the popular CM series “Santaro” of au with Actress Rina Kawaei has been announced.

To disclose some Orihime’s “magic”, a particular man’s name called by Orichean (acted by Rina Kawaei) will fall in love with her. The highlight is Rina Kawaei’s proud face when she said “I will definitely grab it”.

The series “Santaro”, each time opens with a comedy of “Santaro” group including Momotaro – Momo chan (acted by Shota Matsuda), Urashima Taro (acted by Kenta Kiritani), Kintaro – Kinchan (acted by Gaku Hamada) and their stories are very popular.