6 children are back! Season 2 of the anime “Mr. Osomatsu”


Season 2 of the TV anime “Mr. Osomatsu”started since October.

“Mr. Osomatsu”is an adaptation anime of Fujio Akatsuka’s manga.

The story is about 6 children led by Osomatsu after growing to be adult. Season 1 will be broadcasted from October 2015 to March 2016.

Popular voice actors such as Takahiro Sakurai or Hiroshi Kamiya will be voicing 6 children who are extremely popular humorous characters in the anime, attracted most of female fans.

Opening theme is the song “Kunshi Ayauku mo Chikau Yore” sung by the idol group “AOP”. Season 2 was shown late in the evening since October 2nd on Tokyo TV channel and other channels