Yuria Kizaki AKB48: Photo Album Release Event “Stagedoor” 2


Yuria Kizaki, who graduated from idol group “AKB48” in late September, held a memorial event for the release of her album “Stagedoor” (Tokuma Shoten) in Tokyo on September 19th. Kizaki, who was also from AKB48, is now working as an actor: “It’s impossible to lose.”

Talking about her career as an actress, Kizaki once again showed her motivation. “I do not think it’s an easy way but I still want to do the acting”. Her eyes lighted up, “One day I will appear in ad-lib like Toshiyuki Nishida, I really want to be an actress who can live in my role. I might by over-confident but I have a dream that is to become a Koki Mitani family”.