Orichan Kawaei becomes part-time leader at the shop of “Otochan”


The new work of “Ryugujo baito” (or “Part-time job at Dragon’s palace” as tentatively translated) was released on September 28th.

The work is about Orihime – Orichan (starred by Rina Kawaei) who works at the Otohime (Otochan) shop (dubbed by Nanao) as the leader of the part-time job.

The new CM is the PR product for the rate plan of “au pitatto plan”

The story is about three Taro characters namely Momotaro – Momochan (starred by Shota Matsuda), Urashima Taro – Urachan (starred by Kenta Kiritani), Kintaro – Kinchan (starred by Gaku Hamada). The three visiting Otsuhime’s shop was welcomed by the host: “Please come on in!”

Orihime then appeared from the side saying “There are 3 new guests in the shop”

After being introduced by Otohime as “our part-time job leader”, Orihime showed off himself as a “part-time job leader” by doing jobs such as taking orders or guiding guests. Otohime seems happy about Orihime’s performance, saying, “good fit, isn’t it” Momotaro and Urashima Taro said admirably. “So fit”