The PM anime “Inu Yashiki” which original work is a manga by Hiroya Oku – the author of “GANTZ”


Release the TV anime “Inu Yashiki” with the original work of a manga by Hiroya Oku, who is best known for his hit of GANTZ.

“Inu Yashiki” is a SF manga describing the life and suffering of an elderly man – Inu Yashiki – who owns a mechanical body built by aliens. The work has been published periodically on the “Evening” (Kodansha) since 2014, so far the comic has sold nine episodes. In the Evening magazine No.12 released on the 23rd, the information of “The five remaining stories including this one will be finished!” has been announced. Live-action starring Noritake Kinashi from the twine comedians of “Tunnels” would be announced in 2018.

“Inu Yashiki” was aired on the late-night anime hours on Fuji channel, starting in October.