Information about animation “Road to You: Kimi e to Tsuzuku Michi” (Road to You: The production of “The Road That Goes On to You” of which main characters were designed by Shin Takahashi of the manga “Saishuu Heiki Kanojo” and the Answer Studio Co.Ltd – the unit participating in the movie version of the animation “Kimi no na ha.” was revealed on October 11th.

This is an animation to do PR for the wheel “WINTER MAXX 02” of DUNLOP, Hiroshi Kamiya and Miyuki Sawashiro will dub the two main characters who are lovers of each other.

The animation sets in the winter in Sapporo, with the themes about thinking about lovers, family and hometown. The movie producer Hiroshi Kawamata of the short movie “Pukapuka Juju” will serve as the director and Keina Suda – who is active with the stage name Balloon will be in charge of the music.

Atsuki Tani, Minami Tsuda, Masumi Asano and Kenji Nojima will serve as voice casts.