Announced the video of Rina Kawaei dubbed the villain said, “Coward!”


After the voice of the anime movie “Kubo and the mission of samurai” (directed by Travis Knight), a Japanese dubbed version by Actress Rina Kawaei was announced on November 7th.

Kawaei plays the “Dark Sisters”, who appeared to have a tremendous amount of power and attack the group of protagonist; a video opened a battle with the character Monkey (played by well-experienced voice actor Atsuko Tanaka who is famous for dubbing Kusanagi Motoko in the series “Ghost in the Shell”) and the charming voice said “Coward!”.

The interview was recorded in the video, Kawaei smiled happily, “Normally I’m interested in it so much and I like to watch anime, that’s why I’m really happy to be invited for this role”.

Having played the villain “Dark Sisters”, she recalled the dubbing “I practiced a lot at home”. “I did not have a lot of voice acting experience, so I was so nervous”. “I feel very happy. I still have some worries about my voice”, she said.