“Mazinger Z/ INFINITY” Hiroyuki Miyasako & Romi Park


Information of the rival side – Baron Ashura in the new anime movie “Mazinger Z/INFINITY” under the Series “Mazinger Z” (directed by Junji Shimizu, released on January 13th, 2013) made it out clearly by Hiroyuki Miyasako of the comedy duo “Ameagari Kesshitai”.

Moreover, information of the comedy duo “Okazu Club” to take charge of the voice of a new character “Mazinger Luz” was also declared.

Baron Ashura is a fictional character who combines both male and female vertices, while Miyasako dubbed for the male voice.

Miyasako recalled, “Until now, I was still in charge of voice acting, but the general tone adjustment (with someone else) was the first time so I was both eager and having both difficulties” She happily commented, “Of course I knew the character Baron Ashura. Although he is a villain, but because he is my favorite character so when I was assigned to take on that role I feel so happy”.