Pierre Taki praising voice-over by Rina Kawaei “It makes childen cry.”


Actress Rina Kawaei appeared for stage greetings in the premier of the anime movie “Kubo and the Two strings” (directed by Travis Knight) held in Tokyo on 21st November.

Rina Kawaei who has appeared in television dramas, movies and commercials… talked about her acting career: “I want to play different kinds of roles in various works.” and she also said; “Since I love horror movies so I want to play devil roles.”

In Japanese dubbed version, Rina Kawaei who was in charge of the voices of the villians, Dark sisters said; “As I have less chances to perform voice-over so I practiced very seriously.” Mentioning laughing scenes while voice acting, she replied: “Because in my daily life, I often laugh so I think I’m pretty good at it.”

In addition, she also promoted the charisma of the movie: “I think this movie is full of love from those who made it. When watching it, I feel like it warms my heart.”