Baron Ashura, the perfect combination of Hiroyuki Miyasako and Somi Park!


Comedian Hiroyuki Miyasako and Voice Actress Somi Park appeared in Japan Premium of the anime movie “Mazinger Z the movie / Infinity” (premieres on January 13th , 2018) held in Tokyo on December 3rd.

Miyasako and Somi Park performed the voice of Baron Ashura (a male-female combined character) Miyasako dubbed the male and Somi Park dubbed the female.

The day that premiered the anime movie “Mazinger Z” 45 years ago, there was a huge cake in the hall of the ceremony.

Also, Shotaro Morikubo (Voice Actor for Kabuto), Sumire Uesaka, Natsuki Hanae and the Comedy Duo Okazu Club appeared in the event.

Mazinger Z is a robot anime that attracted a large number of audiences in the 1970s.

The anime told a story of a boy named Kabuto (the main character) controls robots to protect the peace on the Earth, fight with the mechanic animal union which were manufactured by the genius evil who wanted to dominate the world.

This new anime movie is set 10 years after peace by Mazinger Z and his colleagues at the study of photonics.