Yuka Sugai (Keyakizaka 46): “the regrettable thing in this year is that I did not perform “bungy jump”


Comedian Star Chiemi Blouson received two awards; they are the major award of “Yahoo! Search Grand Prize 2017”, which honors the most searched character by the Yahoo! Search service over the previous year, and “Comedy Award” which was announced on December 6th
Rika Izumi received the Model Award, Junichi Suwabe received the Voice Award, Keyakizaka received the Idol Award,Namie Amuro received the Singer Award, Kazuo Ishiguro received the Novelist Award, Issei Takahashi received the Actor Award, Riho Yoshioka Ahn received the Actress Award and Shin Ae received the Athlete Award at the “Yahoo! Search Grand Prize 2017 “.