Artist Tekken creating the flipbook ‘Star wars 7: The Force Awakens’


On 15th December, comedian cum illustrator, Tekken published a flip book movie (a flip book looks like the simplified version of an animated movie) about the episode ‘The Force Awakens’ in the series ‘Star Wars’ celebrating the premiere of ‘Star Wars: The last Jedi’ (directed by Ryan Johnson) on the same day.

The movie is about 2 minutes reproducing the world of ‘Star Wars’ with the distinctive style of Tekken.

The movie begins with the scene in which a group of Stormtroopers is marching, and continues with other scenes for instance when protagonist Rey meets BB-8, then confronts Kylo Ren – who intends to fulfil the legacy of Darth Vader – waking up the Force, when Rey meets Luck SkyWalker, a legendary Jedi; and depicts the whole film series.