Kenichi Suzumura is confident to play Genzō Wakabayashi in the anime ‘Captain Tsubasa’


On 13th December, in the press conference held in Tokyo, it was announced that the favorite manga ‘Captain Tsubasa’ which was released in the 1980s, caused the unprecedented football boom, shall be made into TV animation. Voice artists Kenichi Suzumura and Yuuko Sanpei also attended.

Following the 2001 anime series, Suzumura (voiced Genzō Wakabayashi) happily shared: “I feel extremely lucky. This is the luckiest thing that has ever happened in my life.”

He recalled the old time: “After 7 or 8 year of becoming a voice actor, I could earn my living with my career, it was when I met Wakabayashi.” and he showed a bit of confidence: “Ever since, everything has been going really well and my work has been improved so maybe I can make a different Wakabayashi.”

This is the fourth time the manga has been made into anime, starting from the episode ‘Shōgakusei-hen’, Suzumura expressed: “This anime is aimed for faithful visualization of the original. At that time (when it was periodically issued) we planned to animate the manga without changing its originality which we read with all our enthusiasm. However, the anime is not limited by the scripts of the manga. For instance, “Nani! (What?) is frequently found in the work, since the last vowel ‘i’ is written in Katakana so we will try our best to fully convey the emotions.”