Noritake Kinashi ‘mechanized’ flying in the sky! ‘Inuyashiki’ the movie


Trailer of live-action movie ‘Inuyashiki’ (miserable old man) (directed by Shinsuke Satō, to be premiered on 20th April 2018) adapted from Hiroya Oku’s manga, starred by Noritake Kinashi from comedy duo ‘Tunnels’, was released on 21st December.

The film depicts the success and sufferings of Ichiro Inuyashiki – the miserable old man who has nothing except for the strange robotic body, and opens up impressive footages such as when Inuyashiki (Kinashi wearing aging makeup) does not receive the attention from his family, or when he is notified of his life expectancy, and especially the scene when he is flying into the sky with a ‘robotic’ body.

In addition, the film also features the appearance of Takeru Satoh as Hiro Shishigami

‘Inuyashiki’ is originally adapted from the same name manga periodically issued in Manga magazine ‘Evening’ (Kodansha publishing house) in 2004 by Hiroya Oku – who is famous for ‘Gantz’.

The story is about Inuyashiki – who is an ordinary official reaching his retirement age, gets involved in a mysterious incident. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself becoming a cyborg. And Hiro Shishigami – the high school boy, who also has a strange body like Inuyashiki, but has increasingly engaged in doing evil things. “