The legendary web manga “Rāmen kuite~e!” (Eat Ramen!) turned into live-action


Web manga “Ramen kuite~e!” originally by Akiteru Hayashi, with over 10 million views will be turned into live-action.

The movie is a story of the high school girl who finds the hope to live in the spirit of making ramen from her grandfather and strives to revitalize her grandfather’s ramen shop.

Yurika Nakamura plays the protagonist, E Mari, and Wakana Aoi (actress in the TV drama continuously broadcasted on NHK) plays Kojima, the best friend of E Mari.

Nakamura playing the main character, shared: “By participating in this movie, I’ve had valuable experience like learning the process of making ramen. I can even feel the power to live in each thread of noodles. I think it is an extremely serious yet attractive story. The movie conveys the message that we should appreciate the importance of rice and compassion in people. I am very happy if everyone can spend time watching it.”