Yamashiro in “Azur Lane” The highlight is “quickly made mask”


In cosplay area of the biggest national Doujinshi fair, ‘Comic Market 93’ held in Tokyo Big Sight (Koto district, Tokyo), cosplayers dressed in prideful costumes of their favorite characters.

At the Comic Market, trendy cosplayers tended to come early, and cosplayers of smartphone game “Azur Lane” released in September was very popular.

The cosplayer of Yamashiro in the game “Azur Lane” was interviewed.
Comic Market is Doujinshi fair which was started in 1975, includes various types namely manga, anime, novels, games, music, etc., and it is now held twice a year (in summer and winter).

In order to participate in cosplaying, the registration fee of 1000 yen per day is required.