Fuku Suzuki plays the son of “Onichan” – Masaki Suda in the CM “Santaro”.


The Au published new CM “Oni no oyako” (Demon father and son) in the popular CM Santaro series on 5th January.

CM reflects the story of the future told by Onichan (by Masaki Suda) and his son (by “child actor” Fuku Suzuki).

“Oni no oyako” depicts the adventure of Onichan and his first son, Akaoni.

While making bonfire by the river, Onichan asks his son: “Hey son, what do you want to do in the future?” Akaoni replies: “I want to help you in our family electric shop.”

When Onichan suggests coming back to school, Akaoni says “But father, our family is in difficult situation, isn’t it?” Onichan gently replies: “Don’t you love studying?” “Because no one can steal what you learn.”