“Onichan” Masaki Suda starts a new “side job”.


The latest CM “Hangakuya” (Half price shop) in “Santaro” series of AU was released on 10th January.
The CM “Hangakuya” starts with the scene when Momotaro, Urashima Taro and Kaguya princess on their way coming back, saw Onichan in the shop near the temple gate inviting customers.
Several scenes in the CM:
When being asked by Urashima Taro: “Got a new ‘side job’?”, Onichan replies: “Yeah. Family of many kids!”
Momotaro asks: “What are you selling this time?”, Onichan holding the product in his hand, brags “It’s BanPhone!”
Momotaro can’t understand what Onichan is selling, he asks: “BanPhone?” Urashima states: “Isn’t it just a piece of wood?”
Ignoring the two of them, Onichan keeps introducing his product proudly “It is awesome but half-price only!”
Only Kaguya princess is excited with BanPhone, exclaims “Really? Half price only? Wow!”
Besides, the video is very hillarious especially with the scene when Momotaro asks how to use the phone, Onichan firmly answers: “In whatever way!” or when Kaguya princess drops the Banphone intentionally to promote its feature: “Unbreakable”.