Satomi Ishihara enjoys Nishi-Nippori station and Shitamachi street reflected in the photographs.


CM “A beautiful day with Nishi-Nippori” of Tokyo Metro, starred by Satomi as an image character was released on the 5th.

The video captures Satomi wearing winter clothes with a white knit cap and a white fur coat at Nishi-Nippori station (Tokyo) visiting the city.

This CM is the new work in “Find my Tokyo” series of Tokyo Metro. Satomi and Seia Yasuda (as her friend) stroll together around Nishi-Nippori to convey the beauty of Tokyo.

Shitamachi street with classic shops located close together is the typical image of Nishi-Nippori and tourists can spend a day visiting picturesque places.

The CM opens with the scene when the two girls (two actresses) see Youkai Ichigo Daifuku. The two girls get on the train from Chiyoda line and get off at Nishi-Nippori station. After seeing Youkai Ichigo Daifuku, they come and take photographs with it.
In the other scenes of the CM, the actress tries playing accordéon at the special store of Accordéon and Harmonica; watches Flamenco performance and takes picture with the dancers at Alhambra restaurant where authentic Spanish cuisine is served, and she can feel the charm of Nishi-Nippori…