Dance club of Tomioka High school collaborates with the musical film “The greatest showman”.


The promotional movie named “Bubbly dance” with a collaboration between the famous Tomioka High School dance club and the musical film “The greatest showman” (starred by Hugh Jackman and directed by Michael Gracey) was released on 17th January.

“Bubbly dance” to the theme song “This is Me” (won the Best Original Song at the 75th Golden Globe Awards), which is opened by the fantastic dance performance featuring 72 high school girls from Dance club, has gone viral with new and different music taste.

“The greatest showman” is a musical film depicting the faithful love and drammactic life of the famous “showman” in 19th century, P.T.Barnum played by Jackman. Besides, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (who won Academy Award for Best Original Song with La La Land) work together for the music of the movie.