Issei Takahashi has tried out Wotagei and “Thousand-armed Kannon” technique for the first time.


The information that the actor Issei Takahashi has tried out Wotagei for the first time in the new CM “Kirin Hyouketsu” was announced.

Takahashi with back dancers perform “Wotagei” to the theme song “Paradise Has No Border” played by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

The rapid moves with the Light sticks of Takahashi are the highlight of the CM.

Furthermore, the video opens with the scene when Takahashi is struggling with “Wotagei”, but he still smoothly cooperates with the back dancers by practicing consistently in order to complete the work.

Takahashi also says: “Wotagei is certainly the first challenge but thanks to consistent practice with professional back dancers instructed by Gear in GinyuforcE and the comfortable video shooting session, I have accomplished this CM. The performance of “Thousand-armed Kannon” with smooth collaboration has finally completed after hours of practice. I hope the audience will take the time to watch the CM on the Web movie.