Kids cry in front of Takumi Saito, Rika Izumi and Akaoni & Aooni in “Syougeki Bijuaru”.


On 15th January, the new CM “Setsubun” of the recruiting website “Indeed” featuring the actor Takumi Saito and the model Izumi Rika was released. In the CM, Takumi Saito and Izumi Rika play as Akaoni and Aooni.

Because Saito and Rika play as Akaoni and Aooni respectively, they wear horns on white hairs and dress in tiger-striped costumes. Saito paints half of his face blue while Rika paints half of her face red causing shocking appearances.

In the video, when seeing the two people as the demons, some kids almost cry. Saito says: “I want to calm them down and try to smile, but they are even more frightened.”

In the scene of throwing beans at Oni, some kids aim at the face of Oni so the actor and actress quickly run away from them.