Kayo Noro, cosplays as Chun Li “Hyakuretsu Kyaku “


The comedy trio “Dacho- Club” and the guest artist Kayo Noro attended the “opening ceremony of Sagat Street Fighter Saga shop” held in Ginza (Tokyo) on 22nd January.

Artists wearing cosplaying costume relating to characters in the game “Street Fighter II” for instance Katsuhiro Higo (cosplayed by Ken), Ryuuhei Ueshima (cosplayed by Edmon Honda), Jimon Terakado (cosplayed by Gairu), Noro (cosplayed Chun Li) all appeared at the event.

“Sagat Street Fighter Saga shop” is a collaborative project between Saga Prefecture and a popular fighting game “Street Fighter II”.

“Sagat shop” (the shop that sells famous local specialties incorporated with Sagat who appears in the game as a Muay Thai expert, comes from Thailand) is opened for a limited period. Opening time: until 28th at “GINZA PLACE”