“Unpredictable” trailer of “Last Winter, We Parted” released.


Trailer of “Last Winter, We Parted” (directed by Tomoyuki Takimoto, premiered on 10th March) starred by Takanori Iwata (member of “Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE” and “EXILE”) was released on 22nd January.

The trailer starts when the protagonist, Kyosuke Yakumo (by Takanori Iwata) wearing glasses, walks warily and says: “All the people, who see, are cheated on”, and follows with other cryptic scenes, such as: Yakumo confronts Yuudai Kihara Saka (by Takumi Saito) and Kihara Saka’s house is burnt down….

The movie is based on the famous suspense novel of the same name by Fuminori Nakamura – who won Akutagawa wards.

Kyosuke Yakumo who is a very potential reportage writer and going to get married soon, aims to publish a new book about the genius photographer, Yuudai Kihara Saka (by Takumi Saito)- the suspect in burned to death murder case involving a young woman.

The movie is about Yakumo, in the process of finding out the truth, he gets lost in the trap that he cannot escape. He is so into the murder case that his fiancée, Yuriko Matsuda (by Yamamoto) start suspecting him instead.