Kin-chan & Ori-chan arm in arm dance “Love love” in Pair Look


The latest episode, “Pair Look” in famous “Santaro” CM Series of AU was released on 8th February.

“Kin-chan” Taro Kin (by Gaku Hamada) and “Ori-chan” Orihime (by Rina Kawaei) wearing matching clothes with same short-sleeved shirts dance arm in arm.

The story begins when “Ura-chan” Taro Urashima (by Kenta Kiritani) – a boy who does not have a girlfriend expressed his feeling for the Love Love couple of Kin-chan and O-chan “I’m so much jealous!”
The new CM is a story that “Momo-chan” Taro Momo (by Shota Matsuda) is amazed when he sees Kintaro and Orihime’s love love dance when they start dating. “