Takumi Saito and Rika Izumi transform into Hina dolls with Maro-style makeup


New CM, “Hina Matsuri” of “Indeed” recruitment website featuring Takumi Saito and Izumi Rika was released on 14th February.

Saito and Izumi were painted in “Maro style” with white faces and aristocratic eyebrows on their foreheads, and totally transformed into Hina dolls.

In the new CM “Hina Matsuri”, Saito and Izumi dress as King and Queen sitting on Hina stair step, but Saito who is unfamiliar with puppet role, somewhat keeps complaining.

There are 3 scenes in the CM highlighting the interaction between the two artists, when Izumi nicely reminds Saito or she gets angry when he constantly complains: “Can I stand up a little bit?”, “Oh my back pain!”, “My feet fall asleep”…

Saito himself seemed to understand the reaction of others, thus after shooting, he shared: “It was difficult for me because until now I have never played a role in which I didn’t even move. Finally, I have made it. Suppose that there will be another King role in the future, I still want to go for casting.”