Momota (from Momoclo) reveals “the Mindfulness” of a leader


Kanako Momota (member of the idol group “Momoiro Clover Z”) attended the preview of “Black Panther” dubbing version (directed by Ryan Coogler, premiered on 01st March) held in Tokyo on 19th February.

When being asked for “things to keep in mind as a leader” while discussing the movie plot, Momota shared: “The secret of managing the team well is to “wait a moment”.”

With a happy smile on her face, Momota added: “For example, when I have choose one among four bentos, I will wait a moment. When being asked by the reporters, I will wait a moment to see if any member wants to answer for me. If no one is ready then I will do. Moreover, T’Challa in the movie also consults his team before doing something. From this detail when watching T’Challa, I think I am doing the right thing.”