“Pretty Cure Super Stars! the movie” Hinamatsuri festival


“Voice actress Rie Hikisaka (Cure Yell in the tv anime “Hugtto! PreCure” being broadcasted) appeared at the Doll Festival Hina Matsuri of “Pretty Cure Super Stars! the movie” (directed by Yoko Ikeda, premiered on 17th March) – the latest movie version of the popular anime” PreCure “(ABC · TV Asahi series) Tokyo, held in Mukojima Bunka Kindergarten (Sumida, Tokyo) on 28th February.

Nineteen girls in the kindergarten dressed as Dairibina, Sanninkanjo, Goninbayashi dolls and other different types.

Being stunned to see children dressing as dolls, Hikisaka shared: “The kids are so cute that I can’t even take my eyes off them”, “Today, I myself am very happy and excited. Thank you so much for such an amazing day!”

With main theme of TV version is “Promise”, the story opens when Hano Noo (Cure yell)’s friends in “HUGTTO! Precure” is about to perform on the flower field with Hagutan the mysterious girl, then Uso bakka who wants to turn this world into a world full of lies, appears.