Satoshi Tsumabuki: efforts and tears for “prisoner sentenced to death” Yūko Takeuchi


Trailer of WOWOW “Drama series W: Innocent Days” starred by Satoshi Tsumabaki was released on 16th February.

It is directed by Kei Ishikawa, who is the director of “Traces of Sin” premiered in 2017.

The video opens with the scene when Shinichi Sasaki, the protagonist by Tsumabaki, running frantically with tears streaming down his face, said: “I want you to live,” while rescuing Yukino Tanaka, the prisoner of death by actress Yūko Takeuchi.

Official poster of the drama was also released.

The strong gaze of Tsumabaki when he tries to find out the truth is a very impressive detail in the drama. Besides, the main cast including Takeuchi, Shinichi, and Hirofumi Arai- as Tange Shojo the Lawyer who is also Yukino’s childhood friend, Kyôko Yoshine as Hisashi Sadoyama- the prison officer.

In the drama, there are some catchphrases reflecting each character, for instance “A man who always believe in the innocence”, “A woman who has to accept the death”, “A lawyer who always wants to win” and “A prison officer who hold others’ destiny in his hand”.