Trailer of “Shiro to Kiiro” (White and yellow) starred by Haruna Kawaguchi released.


The trailer of the drama “Shiro to Kiiro: Hawaii and my pancake story” distributed on “Amazon Prime Video” and starred by actress Haruna Kawaguchi was released on 16th.

In addition, it was also announced that the single “Stargazer” by the four-member band “Spitz” released in 2004 was chosen as the theme song.

The trailer starts as the college girl, Nami Sawano (by Kawaguchi), faces the ocean and shouts out “I’ve finally found out what I really want to do”. Natsumi Natsumi is portrayed as a person who keeps fighting and trying to inherit the famous bakery “Eggs Things”

Besides, the scenes when Kawaguchi runs through the streets or jumps into the ocean of Hawaii are also included in the video.

The drama is based on a true story of a college girl, Nami who succeeds in bringing the very famous pancake shop to Japan and also sparks a pancake boom in the country. Moreover, it is a story about family and friends who support Natsumi in her work.