Continuous scenes of Haruka the “heroine”. Trailer of the movie “Misu Misou”


Trailer of the movie “Misu Misou” (directed by Eisuke Naito, premiered on 07th April) adapted from the manga by Rensuke Oshikiri was released on 22nd February.

Besides the scene when the protagonist Haruka Nozama (by Anna Yamada) is brutally bullied, there are some other scenes in the movie, for instance: when “the Queen of the class” “Taeko Oguro (by Rinka Ootani) bullies Haruka and Mitsuru Aiba (by Hiroya Shimizu) – the guy whose heart Haruka tries to open up.

In addition, the crew also reveals sevearl pictures taken from the footage reflecting Haruka and Mitsuru Aiba’s close relationship and happy conversation, or when Haruka takes revenge on those who bullied her.

“Misu Misou” depicting the vengeance of Haruka, a transfer student who is brutally bullied. She vows to seek revenge as her house is set on fire.

The origin of the movie is famous for its extreme realism combined with a the story of deep humanity, which is considered as a “Trauma manga”.

“Misu Misou Complete Edition” is the original manga which is used to produce the movie “Misu Misou”.