The first photo collection, “Kazaranai Hoseki” (Jewels not decorated) of Nana Okada (AKB48)


Nana Okada, who is concurrently member of the two idol groups “AKB48” and “STU48” appeared at the event releasing her first photo collection “Kazaranai Hoseki ” (Wanibooks, 1944 JPY) held in Tokyo on 27th February.

When asked about her personal issues, Okada said: “I love riding Jet Coaster.I love the sounds of machinery, and I really want to try all Jet Coasters all over the world.”The photo collection was taken in Hawaii, which also included her swimsuits photos. Okada also shared: “Initially, I wanted to go on a diet but I failed. Still, I had to take the picture with surprisingly unwanted breasts. Finally, not dieting was the right decision.”