New video of the anime “Zoid Wild” (Pilot) released.


The information that new series “Zoid Wild” of Tomy’s popular toy “Zoid” will be released on 27th February was revealed.

This new work raises the “Wild Blast” effect – Fatal blow technique, for instance the lion-like beast shows its sharp claws, the beatle-like one has the second horn which has been hidden…

In addition to becoming a model for skeleton simulations, users can capture and edit assembled zoids using smartphone applications and upload them to SNS and video websites.

“ZW01 Wild Liger” and “ZW 02 Gil Laptor” will be released in June.

Not only is the manga started serialization in the comic magazine ‘Korokoro comic’ (Shogakkan) from April, but also MBS plans to produce TV anime in this summer.

Head of First Boys’ Planning Division of Tomy, Yutaka Tajima announced at press conference held in the Tokyo Metropolitan on 27th: “The concept of Zoid is absolutely impossible for other companies. Zoid has experienced two phases: the first phase from 1983-1991, the second phase from 1999-2006, and we want to create the third zoid boom all over the world.