The presentation of “Gundum Love” and “Gundum Heroes” by Junnosuke Taguchi


Singer Junnosuke Taguchi and Yūno Ōhara – a former member of “Dream5” appeared at the lauching event of the PC Online Game, “Gundam Heroes” (BANDAI NAMCO Online) held in Tokyo on 22nd February.

When asked about the most impressive character, Taguchi- “the person who really loves Gundam” said: “Domon Kasshu of G Gundam (Mobile Fighter). I really like those lines describing the fatal blow and other special techinuques.”

Taguchi smiled while talking about the encounter with Gundam: “I saw G Gundam when I was an elementary school student. The encounter with aggressive dialogue plus the elements of the fighting spirit have created the freshness of the game. I really like the boy character.”

“Gundam Heroes” is a real-time simulation game where players become commanders and play against each other.

The concept this time is “3-minute massive battle”, featuring Mobile suits that appeared in series such as Gundam or Zaku before.

There is also one-on-one playing mode.

It is scheduled to officially launch the service this spring through a free-of-basic charge system.