Enako cosplays as Yumeko in “Kakegurui”.


Enako, a famous cosplayer attended the event of “Kakegurui” drama held in Tokyo on 24th February.

“Kakegurui” drama is adapted from the original manga which is serialized on “Monthly Gangan JOKER” (Square Enix), Enako cosplayed as the main character, Yumeko Jabami.

Yumeko represented every little detail such as the red eyes or the thumb ring… looking the same to what can be seen in “Kakegurui”.

Enako, as a “big fan” of the origin shared about this live action: “It is truly the feeling of a crazy fan, at first I was very nervous”.

Then, she kept praising “However, after watching the first episode, I think all actors and actress look so amazing, especially their face are really cool.”

Enako also complimented actress Minami Hamabe (as Yumeko) “Hamabe is amazing! She looks exactly the same as her character.”

The Comedian, Tetsuya Yanagihara from “Amerikazarigani” comedy was the MC for the event.

“Kakegurui” is the manga illustrated by Touru Naomura and written by Homura Kawamoto which began serialization since March 2014 in the same magazine.

The story is set The film is set in Hyakkaousei private high school where everything is regulated by the power of gambling such as technique for handling situations, reading others’ minds rather than academic performance or training. The drama depicts the unexpected change in school ranks since the mysterious transfer student Yumeko Jabami has appeared.

In the drama, besides Minami Hamabe acting as Yumeko the protagonist, Masako Takasugi, Aoi Morikawa and others also appear