Kamen Rider Amazons THE MOVIE: The Final Judgement


The information that the title of the movie version of the special effects drama “Kamen Rider Amazon” was decided as” Kamen Rider Amazons THE MOVIE-The Final Judgement”(directed by Hidenori Ishida) and to be released on May 19th was announced

In the trailer, Einosuke Midou (by Nobuo Kyo) becomes a new Kamen – Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha, and the fierce fighting scene recalls the fight between Haruka Mizusawa/ Kamen Rider Amazon Omega (by Tomu Fujita) and Jin Takayama/ Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha (by Masashi Taniguchi).

The movie depicts the belief conflict between Kamen Rider Amazon Omega and Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha and the two characters have extremely amazing appearance.

“Kamen rider amazons” is the work commemorating the 45th anniversary of the “Kamen Rider” series.
The movie is the reboot of “Kamen rider amazons” which was broadcasted in 1974.

In the movie version, new conspiracy “Amazon livestock plan” by using artificial life form “Amazon” is revealed, and Yu and Jin re-appear.

The final battle between the two people whose fates have been decided in the series is once again portrayed. “