Kento Yamazaki passionately performs a piano tuner in the movie “Hitsuji to Hagane no Mori”


The information that Joe Hisaishi writes and composes the ending theme and Nobuyuki Tsujii plays piano for the movie “Hitsuji to Hagane no Mori” (starred by Kento Yamazaki and directed by Koujirou Hashimoto, to be premiered on 8th June) was announced.

The title of the song is “The Dream of the Lambs”. Hisaishi and Tsujii read the original novel and they happily agreed to work together in order to establish a wonderful connection.

Hisaishi shared: “Tsujii is truly talented pianist, especially his amazing sense of rhythm”. Besides, Tsujii also said: “It is an inspiring and beautiful song, the more I played it the more I got excited. We finished the recording in a blink of an eye. In the future, I would like to have more chance to work with Hisaishi”.

The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Natsu Miyashita (Bungeishunjuu) which won the first place of “2016 Honya Taisho” awards.

The main character, Tomura (by Yamazaki) who grows up in the countryside of Hokkaido, can smell the “forest” in the sound from the piano tuned by Souichirou Itadori (by Tomokazu Miura).

The movie depicts a story of the young boy who is fascinated by piano tuning, starts working as a piano turner at the musical instruments store of Itadori after graduating. Here, he gradually becomes more mature in his work.