Miori Ichikawa (former member of NMB48) in the action movie “Houkago senki”


Trailer of the movie “Houkago senki” (directed by Junpei Tsuchida, premiered on 07th April 2018) co-starred by Miori Ichikawa (former member of NMB48) and Ririka was released.

The movie is drafted by Okushou – the author of “Real account” manga which was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine”.

The movie depicts the story of Sena Kadowaki (by Ichikawa). After school, while she is waiting at the rooftop in order to return the handkerchief to Yudachi Tsutsui, she falls asleep. When Sena wakes up, she finds that it is now dark and she is locked up at her school.

The school is locked from the outside, and her cellphone is not working. All Sena can see is school girls are suffering from being cut.

The most destructive purge in history among girls begins in the context of strange events such as there are many flares and the world is dyed red.

The film also features female cast and idols such as Ririka, Narumi Akizuki, Arisa Komiya, Nina Endo, Kokoro Aoshima, Miyu Kubota …