Onichan Masaki Suda once again appears as a “Stupid dad”!


The latest episode “Onichan no oyagokoro” (Parents’ heart) in the Au’s famous CM series was released on 1st March.

In the new CM, Onichan (by Masaki Suda) is moved to tears by the maturity of his “son of pride”, Akaoni (by Fuku Suzuki), and he has turned himself into a overproud and ridiculous father.

While walking with Santarou including Momotarou “Momochan” Akaoni notices he has been tailed after by his dad, Onichan. He screams: “I told you not to follow me!”. Then Onichan approaches: “Say it again!”. To respond, Akaoni shows his attitude: “I told you not to follow me!”

Right after that, Onichan is moved to tears by his son’s maturity saying: “Bravo! Well done! Welcome to rebellious age!”

CM is opened and ended with the improvisation of Suzuki and Suda’s acting. It can be said that it brings the audience the good sense of humor and honesty in the “father and son” relationship between the two characters.
Santarou also has inspirational response to Onichan and Akaoni’s sincere acting part.

Kenta Kiritani (as Urashimatarou “Urachan”), after feeling the strong resistance of Kaoni has change his lines and adds some gestures to make the scene more interesting.
“Santarou” series featuring the trio “Santarou”- Momotarou, Urashimatarou and Kintarou, centers many humorous stories which gain popularity of the audience.