Takayuki Yamada becomes Kenshiro! Tearing his clothes, “reproducing” Hokutohyakurentsuken


The latest episode “Takayuki Yamada, I’m dead” in the CM series home console of Sony Computer Entertainment “PlayStation 4” (PS 4) featuring Takayuki Yamada was released on 1st March

In the CM promoting the game software “Hokuto ga Gotoku” (Sega Games)for PS4, which is based on the popular manga “Fist of the North Star”, Yamada performs “Hokutoshinnken” such as “Hokutohyakurentsuken” when he transforms into “Takashiro” rather than Kenshiro.

Yamada, a “true fan” of “Fist of the North Star” shared about the filming process: “It is really difficult to record the voice of Kenshiro in the right way. His voice is low, deep and sometimes high-pitched. I have reproduced Kenshiro’s voice in my memory. I think I will try my best to perform “100% pure” Kenshiro in every movement, every expression and even the atmostphere when Kenenshiro appears”.

CM “Takayuki Yamada, I’m dead” centers on the story about Kenshiro (by Yamada) who is performing “Hokutoshinnken” in the gym when he hears the voice of “Ai Tomori (Yuria)” (by actress Yurika Nakamura) right next to him…