Trailer of “Kita no Sakuramori” released marking the 120th role of Sayuri Yoshinaga


The trailer of the movie “Kita no Sakuramori” starred by actress Sayuri Yoshinaga (directed by Yojiro Takita) was released on 10th March.

This movie marks the 120th role of the actress Yoshinaga, and also is the final chapter of “North trilogy”, including “Year One in the North” (2005) and “A Chorus of Angels” (2012). All three movies are starred by Yoshinage and set in the in Hokkaido, the cold northernmost island of Japan.

The story is about a woman named Eren Tetsu (by Yoshinaga) who escapes from South Khalin and flees for Abashiri (Hokkaido) when the Soviets invade in 1945. She has to struggle for life raising her two small sons while waiting for her husband to come back.

Years later, her second son, Shujiro (by Masato Sakai) decides to return to Japan and reunites with his family in Sapporo after achieving much success in the USA. In spite of his expectation, he finds out that his mother is suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) due to the war damage deeply carved in her heart. One day she suddenly disappears…